Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Birds are Back in Action - Learning a New Technique: Image Transfer

My Birds are Back and Ready to try the Image Transfer Technique using Gel "Skins", as demonstrated in the last couple Daniel Smith Artist Catalogs.

The First Step (not mentioned in the catalog): CHOOSE an IMAGE!

I've chosen my birds (big surprise here) to try this out. I made some new drawings of the starlings I watched from my window, scanned them into my computer, flipped images to provide me more options, and printed them out. I'm guessing this process doesn't work on a laser print, so I now need to take them to the copy store and get a couple copies made. THEN I'll be ready for step 1 of the Article!

MORE to COME as I work out this Image Transfer technique!

Source Article: "Gel Transfers with Patti Brady, Director of the GOLDEN Working Artists Program". Patti also has a great source book available: "rethinking acrylic: Radical Sollutions for Exploiting the World's Most Versatile Medium". I'm getting my copy soon!

Book Available HERE

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