Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Art Card Sale on ETSY - Many NEW Cards NOW Available!

** NOTE CARD SALE thru Friday May 8 at 12pm P.T. **

Happy Cinco De Mayo! To celebrate - I'm offering a SALE!

Buy 10 or more Note Cards at my ETSY store and receive $15.00 off your order! Just look for my "4 x 6 Art Cards" and choose your favorite assortment!

(When checking out thru Etsy, if you complete full payment I will refund $15.00 thru Paypal. If you do not complete payment, I will adjust the invoice and send a new invoice showing the $15.00 credit. If you have any questions about how to receive your discount or process your order, feel free to let me know! Thank you!)

1 comment:

Julie Fillo said...

Oh! I just wanted to say I am in awe of your work. It's so original and beautiful!

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