Monday, April 27, 2009

Plein Air Painting Final Progression

"A Bend in the Road"
Completed Version
Original Painting SOLD

Prints available HERE

Plein Air Painting - session 1 (before)

Here you can see the start and finish of my plein air painting, "A Bend in the Road". I started this piece on-site (second image) and then brought the painting back to the studio for some additional "play-time"! The total work time for this piece was about 5 hours. While each stage of this painting had it's own whimsical charm, I am very happy with the final version. Although it didn't become as vivid and abstracted as I originally intended, I enjoyed the play between the more vivid colors and the muted beiges and greens. I am now starting a "reaction piece", and hope to work on several of these over the next few weeks. Here are the results of my first brief painting session.

I hope you enjoy and look for more plein air paintings coming soon!

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