Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hiking the Cascade Foothills

The best part of moving someplace new is exploring your new surroundings! And for me, that means finding every waterfall, lake, meadow, forrest, etc., that has a hiking trail. I love enjoying the beautiful natural scenery and looking for lovely new places to set up an easel and paint!

Yesterday we had our first exploratory trip up Hwy 20 of Northwest Oregon just past the towns of Lebanon and Sweet Home to the Cascadia State Park. We found many other places worth exploring, but for a 1/2 day trip we had to limit ourselves to just a couple short trails. The short hike along Soda Springs was a beauty! A few trees were just showing their white blooms amidst a large forest of evergreens. The trail went up and down along the creek and gave several opportunities to hike to the water and skip a few rocks and let the dog go for a swim (happy dog!) There were a few little bridges dotting the lovely meandering path. I think a weekend camping trip will be in order for this summer. Look for some of these pools, moss covered boulders, and large conifers to make it to my paintings then!

Soda Springs Creek Trail, Cascadia Park

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