Thursday, April 9, 2009

Commission Work... and the week in painting.

("A Valley in Bloom")

I am very excited about a few commission pieces I'm working on. For one thing, they are all BIG - which I love. I try to paint on larger canvases every chance I get, and it's even better when I'm getting paid to do it. I also am using a new canvas builder, who is awesome! I can't wait to get all my canvases built by Artisan Custom Canvas out of Vancouver, WA. I have some canvas inventory I need to use up still (for my smaller work) before I start ordering them all from them. This week I'm focusing on preparing the first layer of color for one of the floral commission pieces, sketching some ideas for the layout/composition of another commission piece, and finally finishing up a painting (pictured above) for a charity event for a school in Harrah, WA (Auction is May 1 - if you want details, email me!) I'm not sure if it's quite finished, but I think it's close!

Interested in a commission? Here's the short story.

> Tell me your idea, your interests, your favorite paintings or painting styles (of mine), and I'll tell you if I can envision a painting for you!

> I work in many sizes, small (2 x 3 inch) to large (5 ft x 8 ft) or more!

> Once I have a handle on your project, I will give you a quote. I can quote in multiple sizes, paper vs. canvas paintings, framed vs. unframed.

> I do require a deposit prior to starting a commission project (usually 50%, sometimes less), but I finish my commission pieces quickly and won't stop working until you are satisfied with your piece. Depending on the project, I will sketch out the idea first, and upon your approval work on the final piece. I won't ship/deliver your artwork until you approve!

Still interested? Let me know your idea! I would love to hear it.

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Cassandra Kiss said...

that is a wonderful painting!

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