Thursday, April 16, 2009

Art Supplies - Love that Titanium Buff!

"My paints are here, my paints are here!"

Yes, that's how I feel when I get that new box of paints from Daniel Smith. I have been using Dan Smith Acrylic and Oil paints since college, being that it was our local choice for art supplies when I was attending the U of W. Yes, in a pinch, I'm happy to use Golden, and I also like supporting my new local paint supplier M. Graham (Oregon) and often buy a large tube of white when I don't have other colors to order. I love the buttery creaminess of a good paint! MY NEW FAVORITE COLOR: Buff Titanium! I love it. Look for it to appear in many of my new paintings this Summer!

For other misc. art supplies what do I do?? I buy SCRIP for my local craft supply store "Creative Crafts". They are a great locally owned store, and when I buy their gift cards through the local elementary, they donate 15% to the school!

All supplies are ready and accounted for.... ready, set, PAINT!

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Jennifer Lommers said...

I meant to mention that my past favorite colors include: Quinacridone Sienna, Rich Green Gold, Hansa Yellow Medium, and Phthalo Turquoise!

What's your favorite?

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