Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My latest painting...

"Growing in Blue"
30 x 40 inches

Another fun and whimsical painting from my "Growing in the Valley" series - I hope you enjoy my latest piece - layered with texture, vivid color, and lively organic shapes. Find this painting, and MORE new art at the Food & Wine Classic next weekend - see you there!


Karen said...

Love it! The colors are energizing!
Your work is beautiful!!

Jennifer Lommers said...

Thanks Karen!

I'm very happy with the direction of this piece, and I'm looking forward to creating more. I Love the little drawings combined with the thick paint and heavy brushstrokes. One of my favorites! It reminds me of some paintings I saw a few years ago at a Bellingham, WA art show opening (I wish I could remember the artist to see what she's up to now!) Her paintings were very inspiring and I remember thinking that I hope I get to that professional level someday. And yea! Here I am.

Thanks again!

Lizulfisa said...

I love this.. just love it! Saw your work in Port Townsend last year... someday I will have one hanging in my home.

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