Sunday, February 8, 2009

Trading Cards...

No - not the Pokemon kind (although I must admit I may have been spotted at a Pokemon tournament with my son this weekend - wow that's crazy!)

After taking a little hiatus from creating these little gems (basically they are art of the trading card size to make them easy to collect and share using trading card supplies), I have started creating them again (first up - see the seed pod drawings from my earlier post). This time I continued with the pencil drawing and acrylic paint technique to bring a couple birds into my ATC folds. Here they are - Bird Study in Peach No 1 & No 2. I am so enjoying this new method of drawing/painting that I'll get getting out my charcoals and some larger paper to work on this week. Here's the basic steps involved:

1 - Gesso paper with white gesso
2 - draw image with pencil
3 - Spray paper with fixative (which will keep the pencil/graphite/charcoal from getting smudged or brushed off
4 - Lay some paint down to fill the background
5 - Spray some water over the whole image and use a dry cloth/paper towel to pull up some of the color, leaving a more mottled splotchy effect
6 - repeat paint and water bottle process until I like it!
7 - Spray with fixative one more time

It's an old sketch book technique we used to do a lot in art school, but I just haven't been doing it much lately. How fun to start playing with it again as more than just for a sketch book! Give it a go and have some fun!

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...Lupe... said...

Your work is so wonderful , I am a great admirer !

you've also just tagged ,
see my blog :)

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