Friday, January 16, 2009

Staying Creative in Winter

My mother is this amazing seamstress (among many other things). She taught me how to knit, crochet, and sew when I was in grade school. In 3rd grade I was selling little crocheted ice skates for clipping to a jacket zipper to my classmates for a quarter a piece (I guess we DO choose our life path at 8!) However, I never seemed to develop my mother's patience for these artistic mediums (and hence, have had many, many unfinished projects over the years), but I DID develop her love of fiber. This time of year I especially find myself longing to hold some yarn or play with some notions. Instead of having yet another unfinished project in my closet I decided to turn my yearning for playing with my box of felted wools, yarn, threads and beads into an art project. (After, that is, I made myself a little ipod nano holder - about the right sized project for me!) And now I'm so glad I did! Here are my little valentine birds that resulted from my need for creative winter coziness. I hope you enjoy! Oh - and I'm eyeing that spinning class being offered up at the college (maybe next year). Now back to PAINTING!

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