Friday, January 30, 2009

Skins for your Gadgets!

What fun! I just received my first sample of a ipod nano (4th gen.) skin using my "Growing in the Valley No 3" painting. I can now protect my new ipod in style!

Review: The fit is perfect, although I should've wrapped the skin around the side a little differently (so that the skin edge wasn't right on the side - it should have been rotated slightly to be on the back), but it's not a big problem, just an aesthetics observation. It does cover my ipod completely other than the surfaces required for use/viewing. Even though my manufacturer stated it's not meant to be removed and replaced, I can lift up a corner and replace it without a problem. I wouldn't life off the whole skin or repeatedly lift off a corner, however, as this will affect it's look and longevity. The quality seems good. The skin seems thick enough to do a good job protecting my gadget from any scratches or minor dents. The printed image is true to the original color and maintains it's vibrancy. The skin has a slight texture which is nice for handling (not too slick so that it won't fly out of your hands). The manufacturer stated that it should protect your gadget for 9 months or so, but is not meant for permanent protection. Just peel it off when you're done with it and you'll have your original gadget surface again!

For SALE: I am placing a re-order with my manufacturer next week which should arrive in about 3 weeks. PLACE YOUR ORDER on my blog (see right) to receive your own floral ipod mini skin! FREE SHIPPING will be included thru the end of February!

Interested in a skin for a different gadget? Just let me know! Skins are available for iphones, laptops, cell phones and more! To VOTE for your favorite gadget see the top right of my blog!


J. Leigh Designz said...

Looks great! I still have an old school flip phone LOL!

Scott Lommers said...

That skin looks pretty sweet. I might want a Payton Lommers Monster design for mine though!

Jennifer Lommers said...

Oooh - a monster design. Great idea!

Meg said...

Cool idea- and your art is so striking and beautiful!

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