Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I try to keep this time of year (Jan-Feb) as "playtime" for my art. (I also use this as my commission work time.) I don't do shows, I don't market myself much, and I just try to keep it kinda slow so that I can have the opportunity to contemplate new directions, try new techniques, and play with new materials. Sometimes I start to panic that I'm not out there pounding the pavement, marking contacts, completing paintings, selling my art, but then I remember - that's what I do the other 10 months!

These past couple weeks I've focused on being creative with my images after I import them to the computer. I started with ways to "vintage" my paintings and then to produce symmetry in my work (see posts below) and now I'm trying a little bit of both. It's been fun for me, as it is reminiscent of my college fabric making days. I think I'd like a pillow out of something like this someday...

I'm still developing the idea, and I'm not quite happy with the overall larger picture patten or the shade of green, but I DO like the sketchy quality of the grey images and the feeling of silkscreening that I get from it. The pattern actually resulted from a series of little ACEO drawings - here's one:

Here again, I tried to break free from a more mundane image of leaves in purple and green and added some fun martini olive and coffee play on top of the drawing.

Off to play some more... I hope you enjoy!

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