Sunday, December 21, 2008

LAST Painting a Day Special: 12/20/08

A lovely yellow canary hidden amongst the red, red foliage! I hope you enjoy this last installment of my "Painting a Day" promotion.

THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me through this first "Painting a Day" promotion. It was a great way for me to stay motivated as the Fall turned to Winter and my energy started to run low... I found a few new ideas to bring into my studio for 2009 as well. Thanks again, and happy holidays to all!


Jan said...

I especially love your birds and flowers, Jennifer. This is a very nice one!

Nancy Merkle said...

Love this painting--great colors!

Blenda said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Enjoyed reading your comments. This sweet bird painting really grabbed my attention. Very nice. Hope you are having a Happy Holiday Season.
All my best,

Claudia Finn said...

What a great blog I love the way you talk about the process.This painting is wonderful. What size is it?

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