Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Story of Jack's Bicycle

Sometimes I just don't know when to stop talking (or embarrassing myself)! At my last show in Lynden, WA, I was having a pretty slow day, and trying to make the most of every customer contact I had. Granted, I am a friendly person by nature, but I don't always go the extra mile to share an extra story or two about a painting that piques someone's interest. Well... I decided to go the extra mile for Jack. I noticed that he was looking at one of my bicycle paintings from the Ski to Sea event and decided I'd educate him on the event, how many times I'd participated, and how my husband is into biking. I dropped a couple names of people I knew, places we've been. I chatted about Bellingham and the years I lived there. This nice man (I think he said he was 72), listened and added in details about the ski to sea event, showed interest in my ramblings, and brought out his camera to show me images of some bicycles he had on there. Oh, OK, I thought. I'm talking with a photographer, so I started talking about other bicycle photographers I knew. On and on I went. Then Jack asked me if I ever painted old fashioned bicycles. I haven't, I nicely replied, but I may at some point (thinking that it probably wasn't a serious request). Then Jack told me his stories of the old-fashioned bicycle art and images he's collected, and if I get around to painting one, let him know. Sure. Well, how do I contact you? (Thinking it may be a little more likely now.) Jack continued on to tell me that he's THE JACK (my emphasis, not his) of Jack's Bicycle. REALLY?? THE JACK? He asked, did I know of the shop? Little did I remember, but I'd met him before when he helped my husband and I pick out a bicycle for my son. I bought our bike rack from his store. I had been to his store many times when we lived in Bellingham. And here I was thinking I was educating a nice 72 year old man on bicycling in Bellingham! As it turned out the pictures he had of a bicycle on his camera were of a new design a company in CA was working on, and he told me he should give them a call - they needed to know a couple things. Now I understand why he had bicycle pictures on his camera!

It was still a slow show, but having a chance to chat with Jack made it so much better. So... in honor of our chance meeting, here's my first painted sketch of his old-fashioned bicycle. (Limited Edition Prints available on ETSY.) When I get around to a painting, I'll be sure to let him know. And if you're ever at "Jack's Bicycle" in Bellingham, say "hi" for me.


ann said...

that's funny.

Jan said...

What a cute (and touching) story!

Abigail said...

That's a sweet story, thank you for sharing. Just goes to show it's better to be friendly then not.

Plus it's a very cute painting-sketch!

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