Friday, October 24, 2008

Not My Usual Subject Matter - THE CRASH

Here's a commemorative little piece (if you can call it that) inspired by our current economic situation with reference photo and idea provided by a great blog: DIFFERENT STROKES for DIFFERENT FOLKS. Weekly images are provided by artist Karin Jurick and painters/illustrators from all over join in the fun by providing a piece of art based on the image for her to post on her blog. WHERE'S my PIECE, you may ask? Well, in my first attempt at joining in the fun, I was a bit late to complete the painting! Oh, well, maybe next time! THANK YOU to Pam Van London for the link to get me started!


Mercer's Daughter said...

The painting is outstanding! I think you did an awesome job at depicting the current event, maybe someday they'll use it in the history books? Ya never know!

Mayhem said...

I love your style...beautiful work.

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